Bromley Community Links to replace paid, professional staff with volunteers

Recently, Bromley Council announced that Bromley Community Links, a local organisation who for all intents and purposes seem to have little specific industry expertise and appear to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none, will be responsible for replacing paid, professional labour with unpaid volunteers. This has the potential to lead to the destruction of Bromley’s library service which is a lifeline to some vulnerable members of the community.

In response to this announcement, the campaign to save Bromley libraries has been gaining a lot of momentum, which has seen members of Bromley Unite the Union participating in further strike action, taking to the streets in a march through Bromley and spending many mornings handing out leaflets and petitions.

With further events being planned, this is a vital time to stand up and support Bromley’s library service. Now more than ever, please do all you can to support the campaign.










The campaign continues to save Bromley Libraries!

2016 is upon us and if you thought the campaign to save Bromley Libraries was over, it’s time to think again. 

On Tuesday 26th January a meeting was held at Bromley Council to discuss whether or not to award preferred bidder status to one tenderer. According to Bromley Council’s documentation,  the tenderer in question has submitted an initial business plan in which they propose to set up and run community management in all six of Bromley’s community libraries – Hayes, Burnt Ash, Shortlands, Mottingham, St Paul’s Cray and Southborough. 

At the time of writing no further information is available regarding who the tenderer was or indeed what the outcome of the meeting was. When they are announced, details will be made available here. 

However, what is definitely known is that members of Unite the Union are continuing to fight to stop the privatisation of Bromley’s libraries, something which will rely heavily on the use of volunteers. In doing so the Union have announced that a week of strike action, from the 6th – 13th February, will take place. 

Needless to say that they are sure to be very much supported by the residents of Bromley for stepping up and defending this valued public service. 

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete the London Borough of Bromley’s consultation on the future of the libary service, whether on paper or online!

If you haven’t already, please continue to complete Bromley Unite’s survey and get your friends and family to do the same.

Also don’t forget that you can help by emailing/writing to your local ward councillor with your views on the future of the library service, details of whom can be found on the London Borough of Bromley’s website.

Save Bromley Libraries needs you!

In the campaign against the privatisation of the library service, all opinions matter. It would, therefore, be great if you could do the following:

  1. Complete Bromley Council’s consultation exercise by 16th September 2015 – Copies of this survey can also be obtained from any Bromley Library
  2. Complete Bromley Unite’s consultation exercise
  3. Join the Save Bromley Libraries discussion group on Facebook and contribute your ideas towards the speech to be presented to the next Full Council meeting on Monday 19th October 2015